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Adam LLC
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Adam LLC
516 E. Ft. Lowell
Tucson, AZ 85705

Bonnie Charles
Association Manager
520 624-1206 #315

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Countryside Village Newsletters

2023 March Newsletter. March 2023 (PDF)

2018 4th Quarter Newsletter, Sept 2018 (PDF)

2016 1st and 2nd Quarter, June 2016 (PDF)

2015 4th Quarter Newsletter, Dec 2015(PDF)

2015 3rd Quarter Newsletter, Sep 2015(PDF)

2014 3rd Quarter Newsletter, Sep 2014(PDF)

2014 1st Quarter Newsletter, Mar 2014(PDF)

2013 4th Quarter Newsletter, Dec 2013(PDF)

2013 3rd Quarter Newsletter, Sep 2013(PDF)

2013 2nd Quarter Newsletter, Jun 2013(PDF)

No newsletter in March 2013

No newsletter in Dec 2012

2012 3rd Quarter Newsletter, Sep 2012(PDF)

2012 2nd Quarter Newsletter, Jun 2012(PDF)

2012 1st Quarter Newsletter, Mar 2012(PDF)

2011 4th Quarter Newsletter, Dec 2011 (PDF)

2011 3rd Quarter Newsletter, Sep 2011 (PDF)

2011 2nd Quarter Newsletter, Jun 2011(PDF)

2011 1st Quarter Newsletter, Mar 2011(PDF)

2010 4th Quarter Newsletter, Dec 2010 (PDF)

2010 3rd Quarter Newsletter, Sep 2010(PDF)

2010 2nd Quarter Newsletter, Jun 2010(PDF)

2010 1st Quarter Newsletter, Mar 2010 (PDF)


Newsletter ads: (per issue) Ads accepted may be limited by space available.  All ads contingent on Board approval.

Business Card size or 1/4 page - No charge to homeowners, $5 to non-homeowners

1/2 page ad, we print  $10

Full page, you provide the inserts $10

Full page B&W, insert we provide, $20 Non-homeowners - $30

All ads are black and white (white means the color of the paper.)  Full page ads can be in color if you provide the inserts.

Goes out to about 80 homes, including homeowners and renters.

Ads must be submitted at least 5 days before newsletter mailing.


Also, see our Community Business List for free homeowner business listings.

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