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PO Box 91432
Tucson, AZ  85752
(520) 744-5321

FAX (520) 306-2781

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Countryside Village Board of Directors

Contact us by phoning our Homeowners Hotline, mailing or emailing us.   

HOA Management
 Belinda Taylor 
Message Phone
(520) 744-5321 
Todd Knoch
Vice President
 Stephanie Earhart
 Dennis Kinney
 Jill Haas-Wills
 Adrian Cook
 Ron Greer
 Marlene Dancil-Register

We invite each homeowner to volunteer for a position on the board. Make a difference in your neighborhood.  Members of the board of directors are volunteers and serve without compensation. The Board is comprised of not more than 7 and not less than 3 members.  We currently have 0 vacancies on the Board.  If you would like to help, call or email us, or just come to one of our Board meetings.

Board of Directors' meetings are open to all Homeowners. The Board of Directors meetings are usually held on the second Monday of the month at 6:00 PM.  Meetings are held at the Northwest Fire Department Station 38 at 8475 N. Star Grass Drive. Please feel free to attend. Your suggestions and ideas are always welcome.

Check the recent newsletters for Board meeting scheduled dates.

The Annual Meeting of the Members shall be held on the first Tuesday in March each year, unless otherwise designated by the Board in its sole discretion.  Homeowners are notified of the date and time in the Newsletter. (ARS 33-1804C
Note: We typically have a BBQ at the grass park in conjunction with the Annual Meeting.  The meeting is typically held on a Saturday at the grass park early in March.

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